Culture Companions

Would you like to see Helsinki International Ballet Competition performances but can’t think of anyone to go with? Visit our performances with a Culture Companion!

The culture companion operation, powered by the City of Helsinki, is intended for everyone who finds it difficult to attend a cultural event, or who would prefer to attend an event accompanied by another person. A voluntary culture companion will accompany you to a cultural event, reserve tickets and assist or guide you to the venue, if necessary.

If you are interested in attending Helsinki International Ballet Competition performances with a culture companion, choose any event from the following list:

First round performance 1 on Tuesday 2nd of June in Almi Hall at 7 pm 
First round performance 2 on Wednesday 3rd of June in Almi Hall at 2 pm
First round performance 3 on Wednesday 3rd of June in Almi Hall at 7 pm

Second round performance 1 on Thursday 4th of June in Almi Hall at 7 pm
Second round performance 2 on Friday 5th of June in  Almi Hall at 7 pm

This is how it works:

  1. Telephone 09 310 58237 (Mon-Thu 10-13).

  2. Mention the event you have chosen.

  3. The companion will book the ticket and call you. You agree on where and when to meet.

Enjoy the cultural experience!