Message from Madeleine Onne

Dear Dancers,

the unthinkable has happened and the whole world is in a state of shock after the Corona virus outbreak. It affects us all in many negative ways but there is also a positive side – that we recognize how important it is to support, respect and care for each other.

Ballet schools and theaters all over the world are closed and all of you who had prepared for the Helsinki International Ballet Competition can most likely not get into your studios to continue your preparations. There will be no HIBC competition in 2020 but it is only postponed – we will come back to you with a new date as soon as the situation has cleared.

I suggest that you still use this time to prepare for the future even if it is in a different way than what you are used to. Many opera houses, ballet companies or ballet stars are offering ballet classes online for the moment. There are even classes for those who only have a tiny space available etc.

Use this time to work on your feet, your port des bras, your core and your back. Do some extra stretching. Watch the ballet stars of both the past and of today on YouTube; analyze and learn. Why are they so good, why do you like what you see? I am sure you will find that ballet is not just about lifting your legs super high or doing many pirouettes. It is about musicality, finesse, acting, details etc. To be honest in what you are presenting and to make it ”yours”.

 I am looking forward seeing you all in Helsinki when we have finalized the dates. Until then I hope you all stay safe and healthy and that you use this challenging time in a positive way.

 You are the future of ballet and I am looking forward watching you on the stages all over the world! Hang in there – you can do it!



Madeleine Onne

President ot the HIBC 2020 jury