Greetings from Jorma Uotinen, long-standing Chair of HIBC

17 May 2022

The Helsinki International Ballet Competition has a history going back several decades and has established itself as one of the world’s most prominent competitions in its field. It is known and acclaimed for its excellent arrangements and for taking good care of the dancers, besides having a wonderful setting at the Opera House in Helsinki.

Photo: Niclas Mäkelä

The competition motivates and teaches individual dancers to commit, to pursue their career plan and to prepare methodically for the challenge. It is an opportunity to perform for a wider audience and in front of a distinguished jury. Moreover, the competition may open up new employment opportunities for participants and thereby boost their growth as an artist.

For audience members, the IBC Helsinki is a window on the prolific world of the art of dance, a masterclass in appreciating the differences between the interpretations of the individual dancers, and above all a source of joy and excitement. It is a valuable addition to the cultural profile of the City of Helsinki and prompts wider interest in the cultural activities that the city has to offer. Finally, the IBC Helsinki strengthens Finland’s status as a country of significant cultural events and high-level competitions in the arts.

When a dancer comes on stage, my first observations are about them as a whole: the proportions of their body, their presence and their focus. Precise articulation of movements, musical talent and something that I can only describe as inner radiance are what finally determine the value of their performance for me. I want to be surprised and captivated.

Jorma Uotinen
Long-standing Chair of the Helsinki International Ballet Competition Association