40 dancers were selected for the second rounds of the IBC Helsinki

2 June 2022

62 dancers from 16 countries competed in the first rounds on Tue 31 May and Wed 1 June. The international jury selected 40 dancers for the second rounds.

“It is such a joy to see that despite two years of pandemic, as many dancers have tried to stay in shape in their homes, the standard of the competitors is very high. I am full of admiration for the dancers and their coaches and what they have accomplished. It takes a lot of passion and hard work to present what we have seen so far,” says the president of the jury Madeleine Onne, Artistic Director of the Finnish National Ballet.

The dancers qualified for the second rounds:


3. Giulio Diligente, Italy
4. Kallie Green, USA
5. Vasco Yu Belo Prazeres Pereira, Portugal
7. Ryo Hinoue, Japan
8. Siena España, USA
9. Matoi Kawamoto, Japan
11. Leonardo D´Onofrio, Italy
12. Anni Martinsen, Finland
13. Oji Fujino, Japan
15. Kailin Pham Kratz, USA
16. Pinja Rissanen, Finland
20. Natalie Steele, Canada
21. Taylor O’Meara, USA
22. Alexei Orohovsky, USA
24. Clark Eselgroth, USA
25. Katica Ruip, Hungary
26. Riku Kawanishi, Japan
29. Emma Tomlinson, Canada
30. Alexis Workowski, USA
32. Maya Schonbrun, USA
33. Akihiro Yabuuchi, Japan


35. Razmik Marukyan, Armenia
36. Anna Roberta Lahesoo, Estonia
37. Viola Länsivuori, Finland
38. Yuka Masumoto, Japan
39. Joshua Kiesel, USA
40. Luciano Ghidoli, Italy
41. Nanaho Nakajima, Japan
43. Hui Wen Peng, Taiwan
44. Shin Hyoung Han, South Korea
46. Miho Okamura, Japan
47. Dias Kurmangazy, Kazakhstan
49. Thomas Brun, France
50. Carmela Mayo, USA
56. Seoyeun Kim, South Korea
57. Aino Louhivaara, Finland
58. Even Capitaine, France
60. Leonardo Celegato, Italy
61. Alice Otsuka, Japan
64. Keita Fujishima, Japan

The first rounds consisted of classical ballet repertoire. In the second rounds on Thu 2 June and Fri 3 June the qualified competitors will perform contemporary dance pieces. The names of the competitors qualified for the final rounds will be announced after the second rounds. The jury results are published during the following night.